Sleep Deprived? Here’s The Risk Associated

by Team SehatCloud
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How Lack of Sleep Can Effect Our Body

Somedays are fully shadowed by sleep-deprived nights. Sleepless nights make you exhausted and tiring. Were you able to overcome it by sleeping more after the rough patch? That might not be the case. There are more long-term adverse effects than being drowsy.

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It is shocking to know that sleep deprivation relates to half of the leading fatal causes in America. Long term lack of sleep may cause severe health conditions. Here, we are discussing such three primary diseases that can be caused due to lack of sleep.

1.    Obesity


If you are unable to perform sudden physical activity, and your weight scale is showing a rise, the chances are that you are  becoming prone to obesity


When your stomach is full, the body initiates a hormone production that signals the body to stop intaking more food. The process occurs during sleeping. When you are unable to have a sound sleep, the body gets off-balance. This leads to producing more appetite stimulants, and hence, you end up eating more. Isn’t it relatable to night snacking? The condition may make the patient suffer pre-diabetic symptoms as well.


The unhealthy weight gain favours other undesirable health risks. If the weight continues to build up, we recommend consulting a nutritionist for working out a diet plan.


Choose a healthy lifestyle. It includes taking a full 7-hour sleep, eating unprocessed food, exercising regularly, and drinking an adequate amount of water.


2.    Heart diseases


Lack of sleep directly affects your cardiac-health. The initial symptoms of the heart condition are fluctuating heartbeat and uncomfortable chest pain. In case of such symptoms, we advise getting an evaluation on a priority basis.


Several factors account for heart health. Among the leading ones are uncontrolled blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. A person suffering from stress and insomnia is natural to fall trap to smoking and caffeine checks for retaining energy.  All these habits combined further damages the heart.


The early diagnosis of a heart condition is a good omen for non-surgical treatment. On evaluation, health care professionals will prescribe medicines to control blood pressure and other related processes.


The key steps to prevent heart diseases include fundamental lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Have a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep a check on blood pressure and insulin levels

3.    Depression


The mood swings and exhaustion are the instant outcomes of a sleepless night. The long term sleep deprivation disrupts the mental wellbeing and causes depression and anxiety. The most noticeable symptoms of depression are hopelessness, fatigue, and appetite changes.


Many doctors are still discovering more unknown facts regarding the root cause of depression. However, many doctors now link depression to stress, poor diet choices, and lack of sleep. Insomnia causes fatigue and the inability to perform routine chores efficiently. Such days make one feel depressive and sad without any visibly other reason.


Depression is a cry for help. If you suffer depressing thoughts, we suggest you undergo diagnosis by a psychiatrist. He/ she will recommend therapy accordingly. If needed, the psychiatrist shall also prescribe medicines to help you fight depression.


Following a proper routine religiously and adopting a healthy lifestyle is all it takes to preserve mental health. Have a healthy diet and try to improve your sleep patterns. It shall reduce the chances of depression and anxiety attacks.



If you feel any of the symptoms associated with digestive, cardiac, or mental diseases, consider a medical checkup. Get registered on SehatCloud to schedule an appointment with a doctor for online consultation and immediate medical assistance.

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