Pregnancy: What Happens During The First Trimester

by Team SehatCloud
Pregnancy: What Happens During The First Trimester

The First Trimester Of Pregnancy: What to Expect

The first Trimester of Pregnancy is an important stage of pregnancy characterized by rapid changes in the mother and baby. Since a full term pregnancy spans a maximum of 40 weeks, the first trimester is usually counted from the beginning of your last menstruation to the 12th week.

This stage of pregnancy can be overwhelming because a lot of hormones flood your system to help your body sustain and nourish the baby. Therefore, having some knowledge about what to expect and how to handle the changes your body is undergoing at this moment, can help you take care of yourself as well as prepare you for the remaining two trimesters ahead.

Symptoms Associated With First Trimester Pregnancy

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, some women experience a few of these symptoms mentioned below:

  1. Morning sickness that comes with nausea or vomiting.
  2. Fatigue.
  3. Food cravings or aversions.
  4. Tender and swollen breasts.
  5. Heartburn.
  6. Headaches.
  7. Weight gain.
  8. White milky vaginal discharge.
  9. Constipation.
  10. Mood swing.
  11. Frequent urination.

10 Home Remedies For Nausea During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Nausea with or without vomiting is one of the most common signs associated with the first trimester of pregnancy. For some women, it usually goes away after the first trimester while for some, it remains all through pregnancy. Below are top 10 home remedy to help you relieve nausea at this stage of pregnancy.

  1. Eat plain crackers.
  2. Avoid spicy, fatty and fried foods.
  3. Get some rest to relax your muscles.
  4. Take a little lemon drops.
  5. Drink lemonade.
  6. Place a warm damp towel that has 3 drops of camomile oil and 1 drop of peppermint oil, on your stomach.
  7. Drink plain ginger ale that is of room temperature.
  8. Don’t rush out of bed. Get off a little more slowly than usual.
  9. Chew on some fennel seeds.
  10. 25mg of zinc supplement per day is also helpful.

10 Dos And Don’ts Of First Trimester Pregnancy

Here are the few steps to take as soon as you discover you are pregnant.

  1. Make an Appointment with your Doctor or Midwife: A booking appointment (i.e. for your first antenatal appointment which is usually between 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy) arranged with your doctor should be your first step. A booking appointment can be scheduled from anywhere just by connecting with doctors online on our cloud-based EMR called Sehat Cloud. During your first antenatal visit, the doctor will check your vitals, find out about your medical history and inform you of the screening tests to be done. This information is then uploaded on your portal called the Sehat Cloud Patient Portal so it can be accessible at any time.
  2.  Take your Folic Acid and other pregnancy multivitamins as prescribed by the doctor 
  3. Stay away from Alcohol.
  4. Avoid smoking or being exposed to secondhand smoke.
  5. Get enough rest.
  6. Find out about the exercise routines that are safe for you at this stage.
  7. Go about your daily chores safely.
  8. Learn about what you can eat and what you cannot eat at this stage.
  9. It’s time to purchase new comfortable clothings.
  10. Prepare your mind to see your baby for the first time at your first ultrasound scan.

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In Conclusion

The First Trimester is a delicate stage in pregnancy and whenever you notice any red flag symptoms like bleeding, severe back ache, a sharp pain around the pelvis and abdomen, severe vomiting and high fever; do not hesitate to inform your doctor immediately.


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