Fetal Development At Third Trimester

by Team SehatCloud
Fetal Development At Third Trimester

Fetal Development At Third Trimester

Your baby now develops at a faster pace during the third trimester as you both prepare for delivery. Here are a few fetal milestones your baby will attain during this stage of pregnancy.

  1. At 28 Weeks: Your baby would have mastered eye movement and can even observe light changes.
  1. At 30 Weeks: Your baby begins to grow normal hair as she sheds the lanugo that she had during the second trimester.
  1. At 31 Weeks: Now your baby can regulate temperature without relying on that gotten from the amniotic fluid.
  1. At 34 Weeks: At 34 weeks gestation, your baby turns head down towards the pelvis in preparation for delivery.
  1. At 39 Weeks: 39 weeks gestation marks the full term and your baby as well as her organs are fully prepared for life outside the womb.

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