Useful Tips To Note After Delivery

by Team SehatCloud
Tips After Delivery

Post-Pregnancy Tips

After childbirth, you will need to maintain a good mental well being as much as possible. Here are some useful and quick tips that can be used to minimise your risk of having postpartum depression.

1. Seek help from family and friends while taking care of your newborn

This is the most important thing you need to be a little less possessive about your new born, ask your partner the new dad  to help you but he needs some break too. doesn’t he? then the best option is to ask help from friends and family that come to see the new born.

2. Maintain a healthy diet

What you eat will eventually decide your health! A healthy meal planning will give you a speedy recover from your post pregnancy effects.  Stay away from fast food, processed food or any kind of junk food. Eat instead fresh fruits and healthy home based meals.

3. Do some exercise no matter how little

Be active is the key! don’t let the newborn routine make you less active or think that you are already active and its done. you still need to exercise even if it’s just for 10 mins.

4. Avoid alcohol and caffeine intake

Breast feeding or not! it’s time to say good bye to all the bad habits including alcohol as it can worsen you postpartum  depression and also can be a big hurdle in taking care of your new born when he/she needs you the most. Taking caffeine to stay up for the baby is also of no worth rather use healthy energy drinks to stay hyderated and active.

5. Sleep when ever you get time

Being sleep deprived is the most common issue mothers face! Get as much sleep as possible. Keep every chore aside and sleep when baby sleeps. Having adequate sleeps will help in your good digestive system and will be helpful in reducing stress that you may have when your baby gets colic.

6. Don’t Isolate yourself

Try not to withdraw yourself from family and friends. This is the most common mistake mothers do that they limit their social life and isolate themselves from their family and friend’s circle, even a little involvement will be like fresh air for you that will help you to cope with your post pregnancy changes.


New mommy stay relax! this is the most challenging part of your life yet it’s the most beautiful one! embrace the changes either be it physical or mental. Keep remind yourself with aforementioned tips and your journey of being a mother will be much more easier.


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