What You Need To Know About Your Newborn?

by Team SehatCloud
What You Need To Know About Your Newborn?

What You Need To Know About Your Newborn?

Your baby and you get to know each other, and he also discovers the world around him. He depends entirely on you, but he has more abilities and skills than you think. Here are few more tips for you:

Discovering His Temperament

The best way to get to know him is to spend a lot of time with him. You will discover his temperament, his sensitivity to touch, sounds and images, as well as the things that bother him. Every child is unique and requires special care.

The Sleep

The life of newborns, in addition to waking, consists of sleeping, eating and crying. Many babies sleep 18 hours a day, intermittently, and usually more during the day than at night. You will have to teach yours to distinguish the day of the night, by setting it in a dark and quiet room at night, for example.

When to Feed Him

In the first weeks after the birth of their baby, many parents feed their little ones “on demand”, that is to say when they cry. However, by the third month of his life, you can start respecting meal times.

The Cries

Crying is the easiest way for your baby to grab your attention and express his needs. When your newborn is crying, you must go to him and try to see if he is hungry, needs to be fed, or wants you to hug him. Ignoring his tears, you risk increasing them.

Your baby is far from playing to please you or to annoy you, because he cannot do it. It only expresses one’s need, discomfort or satisfaction. Babies usually cry a lot the first 6 weeks after birth. Then, their tears diminish as they learn to calm down without the help of anyone.

Discover the World

To help your baby discover the world, give them things that meet safety standards and that they can look at, like mobiles and pictures. Have them listen to music or hear a rattle and touch soft fabrics or toys. Also teach him how to hold and chew on a teether, rattle, cup or plastic bottle.

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