Online Consultation For Mental Health

by Team SehatCloud
Online Consultation For Mental Health

In the era, where the world has become a global village due to the internet, a crowd of people still considers the psychiatric issues a taboo topic. Surprisingly even now a few generations avoid seeking mental aid when needed. It is a sad situation where you know you can’t take it anymore, but several barriers hinder your way of helping yourself out.

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Facts and figures show that more than 50% of Americans do not favour opting for psychiatric advice. They state several factors for avoiding the needed help. The included cost, commute, fear of being judged, and being guilty of ‘thinking a specific way’ being the important ones. It seems that they expect the help to come to them itself without any effort. Because the people are not aware of the presence of undiagnosed issues, WHO reports in a recent study about 10 to 15 years of decreased life expectancy among the sufferers.

How can the internet prove to be helpful in the current scenario?

The whole idea of connecting the patients to healthcare professionals can prove to be a ray of hope for the people suffering in silence. Imagine a lady who just gave birth. She is going through post-birth recovery. She may be homebound due to baby and other health reasons which restrict her mobility. Confidential and professional psychiatric advice shall assist her in overcoming the baby blues. Won’t it be great? Isn’t it going to solve a significant issue? And yes, the sanity and overall health improve when we timely address mental health issues.

The online consultation for mental health is a game-changer here because:

  • It is easily accessible – catering to the major hindrance.
  • Cost-wise, it is more impacting as compared to the conventional way.
  • Symptoms of underlying psychiatric issues themselves revert the patient to his comfort zone.

With online therapy sessions, a person shall be able to enjoy the much-needed help without having to leave their cosy place.

For the extra caring ones, I must clarify here that research proves the online counselling sessions equally promising with uncompromised results. Isn’t that already an excellent news? For a person who is tired of life hurdles and needs to vent out the long-kept frustrations, this online consultation is a great way of finding the perfect professional psychiatrist. The doctors can then prescribe the medications or may recommend him/ her to undergo therapy sessions or lab tests if and where needed.

online mental illness consultation

Mental illness? Let’s talk

We, at SehatCloud, offer the perfect and easiest way to find the available online psychiatrist for you. You may also confirm the one on one availability of a verified doctor by making an appointment right there on the site. Remember, the timely diagnosis and undelayed treatment is all it takes to prevent the mental problems from growing bigger. It will also be a great way of caring for someone you know by connecting them with the right doctor. The online linking shall help you save a few bucks without neglecting your precious health, that too with encouraging results.

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