Mental Health Center

by Team SehatCloud
Mental Health Center

Sehat Cloud’s Mental Health Center

It’s OK not to be OK

We often don’t discuss about our mental issues or don’t consider we can have any! But in real we all do suffer from some mental issue at any stage of life that needs to be addressed and we should talk to our loved ones about it.

Sehat Cloud’s mission is – healthy living for all and we believe in sharing is caring, So we are here with our Mental Health Awareness blog series that will be informative and yes we are here to listen to you so feel free to drop comments below.  Mental Health is as important as our physical health and we should do consultation, take medication and any therapy suggested by the physician.

1. All you need To Know About Your Mental Well-being

Mental health is a term that refers to the general wellness of behavioural, emotional, psychological, social and cognitive functions. The state of your mental health plays a major role in the way you feel and act, the choice you make, your relationship with others and much more.


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