Mental Health Awareness

by Team SehatCloud
Mental Health Awareness

All you need To Know About Your Mental Well-being

Mental Health Overview

Mental health is a term that refers to the general wellness of behavioural, emotional, psychological, social and cognitive functions. The state of your mental health plays a major role in the way you feel and act, the choice you make, your relationship with others and much more.

When all of these functions become questionable, a person is said to be suffering from mental illness. Currently, there are over 200 classes of mental illness, however, the well known types of mental illness includes; anxiety disorder, dementia, bipolar disorder, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

While the precise cause of mental illness is yet to be identified by medics. There are a variety of situations that could trigger mental illness. Some of these situations include unpleasant experiences such as a lack of proper care, physical/mental abuse and trauma as well as the gene and biological makeup of patient.


Signs and Symptoms of Mental Disorder

There are a lot of signs that points towards mental illness and these signs vary from person to person, however, the most common signs to look out for are:

  • When an individual withdraws from other people as well as social activities.
  • Excessive or inadequate eating and sleeping.
  • Feeling irritable, scared, angry or edgy.
  • Having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming other people including family members.
  • Seeing and hearing things that are nonexistent (this is a symptom of schizophrenia).
  • Excessive sadness, mood swings and a feeling of hopelessness.
  • Substance abuse, constant drunkenness and excessive smoking.
  • Unexplained numbness of certain parts of the body.

How Much Do You Know About Your Mental Health?

Statistics have shown that as at 2016, about 268 million people globally have suffered from depression and 275 million people have had to deal with anxiety disorder. However, as at January 2018, a recent statistics has shown that about 1 billion people are affected with anxiety disorder and 300 people suffer depression. This numbers are expected to experience even more increase by 2050 if mental health is not strongly addressed. Ultimately, the prevalence of mental illness can be reduced with proper awareness and observation which in turn will lead to more people seeking help and medical assistance.

Treatment of Mental Disorders

Since the symptoms of mental illness vary from one individual to another, the treatment options also differ. The most common type of treatment available for mental instability includes:

  • Prescribed Medication that aid in the management and improvement of mental illnesses like anxiety disorder, hallucinations and depression.
  • Psychotherapy which can include cognitive behaviour therapy, electroconvulsive therapy or even speaking to a medical professional.
  • Helping yourself by changing certain habits and lifestyle, reducing the intake of alcohol, exercising regularly, doing yoga and meditation as well as healthy eating and maintaining good sleeping habits.
  • Create a support group where you can speak up about things that bother you.

In Conclusion

Mental Disorder can range from between mild, moderate to severe, therefore, proper knowledge and awareness of this disease is of utmost importance. When you get a feeling of anxiety, depression or any other symptom of mental imbalance, it is best to seek counseling, talk to family member or friend who can be of assistance or assist you in getting proper medical help. You can register on our cloud based EMR platform to get help from the team of medical professionals who are available, always get all the help you desire. It is also important to know that people who have suffered mental illness still go on to attain a productive, happy and healthy life.


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