What Causes Breast Cancer

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What Causes Breast Cancer

What Causes Breast Cancer?

The precise cause of breast cancer is not fully known at the moment; however, some risk factors have been identified to be linked to breast cancer. These risk factors are:

Having a history of any Breast Condition:

If you have had any breast condition in the past, there’s a possibility you might still have breast cancer.

Family History of Breast Cancer:

Although studies have shown that most people diagnosed with this disease do not have any family history of breast cancer, however, your risk of getting the disease increases if anyone in your family has had breast cancer.


Women above 51 are more susceptible to breast cancer, so as you get older, your risk of getting this disease also increases, make sure to get yourself scanned yearly for prevention.

Genetic Factor:

There are mutated genes that can be passed down by parents to their children and greatly increases their offspring’s chances of having cancer of the breast. These genes are the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

Previous exposure of the chest region to radiation:

Prior exposure of the chest region to radiation can also lead to breast cancer.

Overexposure to Oestrogen hormone:

If you began your monthly period from an early age, before age 12 and started menopause at an older age, your chances of getting cancer of the breast increases. It is due to your body being exposed to estrogen hormone over a long period of time.

Never being pregnant:

Never being pregnant or birthing your first child after age 30 can increase your risk of having breast cancer.

Alcohol intake:

Alcohol intake can also increase your risk of having cancer in the breast. Obesity is also a risk factor for the development of breast cancer.


Early Detection and treatment of breast cancer are necessary. Help Sehat Cloud in spreading awareness for this Cancer type.

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