Top 10 Foods for Healthy Vaginal Health

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Top 10 Foods for Healthy Vaginal Health

Top 10 Foods for Healthy Vaginal Health

Vaginal health is an essential part of every woman’s life. Many women struggle with some kind of vaginal problem at some point in their lives.

Yeast and bacterial infections, urinary tract infections, excessive wasting or vaginal dryness can make a woman unhappy.

Unprotected sex is a factor that affects vaginal health conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, psychological problems; and hormonal changes in the body. The side effects of birth control and the use of feminine hygiene products also have an impact on your vaginal health.

A healthy vagina has a naturally acidic pH and many healthy bacteria to help prevent infections. Good hygiene and many foods can help keep your vagina healthy and balance your pH.

Diet is essential to maintain good health and strengthen our immune system. It also helps fortify our hair, our teeth, our nails, and to keep beautiful skin. But what should we eat or avoid for the betterment of our vaginal health? Premenstrual pain, vaginal dryness, and various infections can be limited by choosing the right foods.

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Here are the top ten foods to develop your vaginal health.

1.Greek Yogurt

Eating Greek yogurt every day is ideal for maintaining vaginal health. It contains live, active cultures (Lactobacillus bacteria) that prevent pathogens from attaching to the vagina and produce chemicals such as lactic acid that inactivate or kill other pathogens. It also helps in sustaining healthy pH levels in the body.

According to a recent study, Lactobacilli help maintains normal urogenital health and play a key role in preventing bacterial vaginosis, yeast vaginitis, urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases transferable.


Lemons also support vaginal health because their acidic nature helps maintain the healthy pH level of the vagina. The antioxidants it contains also help protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

In addition, it acts as an immune stimulant to help your body prevent and fight any type of infection.

3.Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is good for improving your vaginal health. It helps to stabilize the pH level of the vagina and its acidic property helps fight microorganisms that cause urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and other problems.

To enjoy it, drink a glass of unsweetened organic cranberry juice every day. Those who love the tangy flavor can even eat a handful of cranberries every day. You can choose to take cranberry pills but consult your doctor first.


Garlic consists of antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help prevent vaginal problems, such as itching, burning, odor, vaginal discharge, and even urinary tract infections.

It also stimulates the immune system, so your body is ready to fight any infection.


To combat vaginal dryness as well as itching and burning, you can include kale and other low-oxalate greens in your diet.

Kale is a loaded source of vitamins C and A. It also helps in improving blood circulation. Plus, it boosts your immunity to help prevent infections.


The phytoestrogens in this soy-based product help keep the vagina lubricated, which is very important for preventing dryness, itching and other problems.

It also consists of proteins, of omega-3 fatty acids and several vitamins and minerals that help your body cope with premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.

7.Flax Seeds

Rich in phytoestrogens and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds can also fight many vaginal problems. Phytoestrogens increase estrogen levels, which prevents vaginal dryness and other symptoms of menopause.

In addition, zinc from these seeds helps treat vaginal dryness, itching, and burning.


Avocado is another food that stimulates vaginal health. Good fats in avocado sustain healthy vaginal walls and keep it naturally lubricated. It helps avoid vaginal dryness as well as itching and burning.

In addition, its vitamin B6 and potassium content support vaginal health.

9.Pumpkin Seeds

Every woman should include pumpkin seeds in her diet. Being an optimal source of zinc, pumpkin seeds help regulate the menstrual cycle and even combat the symptoms of vaginal dryness, such as itching and burning.

In addition, these tiny seeds stimulate your immune system and improve bladder health.

10.Sweet Potatoes

You can also comprise sweet potatoes in your diet to keep your vaginal and uterine walls well. Once absorbed by the body, beta-carotene in sweet potatoes is converted to vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant.

These antioxidants protect against the damage caused by free radicals and allow the cells of the reproductive system to function properly to keep the vaginal walls healthy and moist.


Since women have specific nutritional needs, they must include certain foods in their diet for optimal health. Indeed, because of their physiological needs and their characteristics quite different from those of men, it is recommended that these ladies consume the above-mentioned foods for better vaginal health.

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