What Foods Can Help You Gain Healthy Weight?

by Team SehatCloud
What Foods Can Help You Gain Healthy Weight?

Foods That Help You Gain Healthy Weight

Seeing the health risks involved with being underweight, it is usually advised that you strive towards healthy weight gain by consuming energy-dense foods, as well as partaking in healthy lifestyles.

Listed below are seven healthy energy-dense foods that will help you increase in weight in a healthy way.

1. Milk:

If you are looking to gain weight, then milk is a good choice for you. Drinking whole milk will not only offer you the right amount of weight, but you also get rewarded with vitamins, minerals, calcium, and other nutritional benefits.

2. Foods rich in Starch:

Foods that have a high starch content such as potatoes, whole grain cereals and bread, corn, oat, pasta, legumes, rice and so on are energy dense foods and therefore, increases your chances of weight gain.

3. Red Meat:

Red meat such as steak, helps to improve muscle mass and boost weight gain while offering other nutritional advantages. However, limited consumption gives you a more healthy weight gain than bulkier cuts.

4. Cheese:

Cheese is energy dense foods which come with the added nutrients of protein, fat, and calcium. Therefore, if you are thinking of gaining weight, a diet containing full-fat cheese is what you need.

5. Dried Fruits:

Dried Fruits such as dried cherries, pineapples and cranberries have very high caloric value and are rich in beneficial nutrients. You can purchase the fruit in its fresh form and home dry them if you prefer.

6. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter and even every other nut butter is a good way to start if you intend boosting your body weight in a healthy way. These energy-dense foods are also rich in magnesium, fiber, and protein.

7. Protein Smoothies:

You can make these healthy, tasty and highly nutritious smoothies at home and in various flavors. They are energy dense foods which will help you gain weight in the most healthy way.

In Conclusion,

Gaining weight in a healthy way is somewhat an easy process. The idea behind it is mainly to eat energy dense foods like those mentioned above in the right quantity and taking part in a minimal exercise routine. Exercising while eating helps to build and tone up your muscles while you gain weight.

Furthermore, it is advised that a dietician and physician is kept abreast of your weight gain routine as they will offer even more information and healthy advice on the best ways to gain a healthy amount of weight.

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