Reasons To Use Cloud Based EMR

by Team SehatCloud
Reasons To Use Cloud Based EMR

With the digital transformation taking place in today’s world, every industry is looking for ways to improve efficiency and maximize productivity through the effective implementation of technology.

The health care industry is no exception!

The nature of the health care industry makes it a dynamic workplace, with health professionals who need up-to-date patient data.

This is where the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) came on the scene!

Instead of processing patient records that contain medical histories of patients manually, health professionals can now create, view, update, and manage the detailed patient history through EMR.

Electronic Medical Records are digital versions of paper charts that clinicians and health care workers use at the office. An EMR usually contains a medical history and treatment of a patient in a field of health practice.

5 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Medical Record in Cloud Based EMR

There can be various reasons for using EMR but here we are giving top 5 reasons for why you should put your medical record in EMR that too cloud based:

1.Doctors On The GO

Cloud based EMR can easily track and analyze patient’s data over time. It uses data to monitor report and improve the quality of patient care as well. EMR is effectively used to track patient data for follow-up exams and preventive exams.

EMR can make the work of doctors easier and faster. It also means access to a wider range of smarter information, additional ways to research diseases and conditions, and the opportunity to save time in a sector where seconds matter more than anything else.

Now patients can get in touch with doctors and their medical details anytime and anywhere they want. Cloud based EMR saves time. Now you can send general commands with two mouse clicks to specific patients and extensions of prescribed patients. It also reduces absenteeism with automatic reminders for patients. EMR automatically checks the insurance as well.

2.The Healthy Penetration of the Cloud

According to a 2014 survey of health care providers by the Health Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) Analytical Processing Subdivision, 83% of health IT leaders reported using cloud services.

EMR software settings are safe in the cloud. So, in case of problems, everything is recoverable. On the other hand Cloud Computing brings more security by owning better devices and security services.

3.Lower Maintenance Costs

Cloud-based EMR software is scalable and adapts quickly to your needs. This means that it is possible up to you to add or remove features without having to completely replace your existing hardware. The main reasons health care providers adopt cloud technology are lower maintenance costs, faster deployment, and a lack of in-house staff. 

With cloud EMR software, you do not have to make any initial investment and pay for the license. And since the use of the software is in service mode, you do not have to acquire additional computer equipment or data servers. As for the monthly rates, they can adapt to smaller budgets.

4.Go Green By Going Paperless

With cloud EMR you can finally stop playing with fax messages. The EMR software is digital version of an array of patients. It is designed so that authorized users can easily access a patient’s records digitally from a variety of health care practices.

Electronic Medical Record seamlessly shares patient information in real time providing a complete medical history of a patient. It also increases workflow by providing staff with easy access to patient data through a centralized electronic system.

5.Improved Treatment Time and Results

EMR offers effective search and diagnostic tools. This helps doctors to take care of health needs of patients faster than ever. Without leaving the lab, now you can join the local pharmacy exhibition and the center. It helps the patient get the medication faster.

Cloud EMR saves time with the right intellectual combination for the patients. It offers intuitive cartography that adapts to your needs. It can also monitors patient data on specific variables such as blood pressure or vaccinations.

In Conclusion

It is essential that you ensure the security and protection of your critical medical data, as well as their availability when you need it. Cloud based EMR is a cloud computing model that stores data over the Internet through a cloud provider that manages and operates data storage as a service. It is delivered on demand with just-in-time capacity and costs, and it saves you the purchase and management of your own data storage infrastructure. This gives you agility, global reach and sustainability, with access to data “anytime, anywhere”. Here at Sehat Cloud  we have made sure to use the computing power of cloud and optimize the day to day functions for healthcare practitioner.

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