Organizing Appointments with EMR

by Team SehatCloud
Organizing Appointments with EMR

Organizing Appointments with EMR Improves Medical Practices

Fostering a good doctor-patient relationship is one of the key factors of good medical practice and this starts off with fixed appointments. A well organized and efficient appointment scheduling causes a ripple effect of increased revenue for the healthcare providers, offering satisfactory services for the patients and improving the physician’s productivity. In addition to this, organizing appointments using cloud-based EMR like the Sehat Cloud EMR platform can help in pointing out missed appointment schedules as well as handle the issue of patients who would want to reschedule their appointments.

Features Of An Appointment Scheduling EMR Platform

To have a favorable and efficient medical practice as a clinician as well as satisfactory services rendered to you as a patient, some of these features are accessible on the Sehat Cloud EMR platform. They include;

  • Physician Search Box: In this option, you get the opportunity to search and select a physicist of your choice. You also get a chance to see their specialty, the clinic where they practice with a proper description of its location, closing and opening hours, consultation charges and perhaps some recommendations.
  • Laboratory Search Box: This search box gives you an insight into the services provided by any laboratory of your choice as well as the billing method it offers.
  • Calendar: This option interfaces with the Physician and Laboratory Search Box. When you pick a convenient date of appointment, it will synchronize with the Physician and/or Laboratory Search Box platform, if you have made a selection of either of them.
  • Patient’s Information: The Patient’s Information option gives you a form to fill out basic information like your Name, Sex, Age and your reason for booking an appointment.
  • Book Appointment: Clicking on the “book appointment” icon is the final step involved when scheduling appointments on the Sehat Cloud EMR

The Benefits Of Booking And Organizing Medical Appointments

So far, scheduling of appointments has shown tremendous benefits for both the healthcare providers and the patients. Below are some of the advantages derived from using cloud-based EMR for appointment scheduling.

  • Scheduling of Medical appointments on our cloud-based EMR platform, Sehat Cloud EMR, saves you time and makes healthcare providers more efficient in delivering their services. Furthermore, patients do not need to make an appearance at the Clinic or Laboratory to book an appointment.
  • Missed appointments can be refixed and late rescheduling can be done on the go.
  • Patients get to enjoy certain benefits such as automated reminders of appointments that are almost due.
  • More revenue generation will be enjoyed by healthcare providers. Apart from the increased efficiency of healthcare providers, more patients will get to be attended to in a shorter time frame thereby increasing their output and revenue.

In Conclusion

Organization and booking of medical appointments on cloud-based EMR improve the output and quality of service of healthcare providers as well as patients. Even better, the Sehat Cloud EMR platform makes all of this possible with timely referrals. Register on the Sehat Cloud EMR platform and enjoy all of these services and much more.

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