Cupping Therapy: Do You Really Know What It Is?

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Cupping Therapy: Do You Really Know What It Is?


Cupping therapy is also called “hijama” or extraction by suction cups and incision therapy.

This therapeutic technique is described on papyrus dating back more than 1500 years before the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, including the famous Ebers papyrus (one of the oldest medical treatises that have come down to us).

In ancient times too, this practice was recommended by Hippocrates or Galen.

Since then, its many virtues are recognized and more and more widespread.

The cupping therapy allows, by the removal of blood accumulated at specific points of the body, to relieve many evils often unexplained by making several small cuts. To do this, the practitioner can use mainly three kinds of suction cups:

The so-called “natural” suction cups traditionally made of holey animal horns or stretches of bamboo or wood, which require a real effort of the practitioner and represent a great risk of transmission of viruses and diseases (HIV, Hepatitis B, and C, …);

The combustion cups by introducing an inflamed fuel inside that will empty the suction cup of oxygen present and allow the aspiration of the skin;

The valve cups, by setting the desired pressure using a small pump, they are certainly the most practical and most used in cupping therapy.

How Does It Work?

A session always starts with a report. The practitioner defines the needs of the patient and chooses the technique of cupping the most appropriate, depending on the pathology to be treated. He also chooses how he will dose the intensity during the application if he will rather “disperse” or “tone” the energies, and then he selects the points on which he will focus.

The practitioner takes cotton soaked in alcohol, which he lights before sliding it into the suction cup, which will cause a call for air in contact with the skin. Suction is created. This is not meant to be painful, but it may be surprising the first few times. It is possible to feel a sensation of warmth, but never a burning sensation. The suction sucks the tissues, the muscles, and creates a call of blood, and this one concentrates on the level of the sucker.

Some dark red markings can sometimes appear, but nothing serious. On the contrary, it is the toxins that appear on the surface of the skin, and these marks disappear in about a week, everything depends on the people.

The Different Forms of Cupping Therapy

The Dry Hijama or Dry Cupping

Depending on your needs and the circumstances of your pain, it is sometimes necessary to use a softer method of cupping therapy, called “dry cupping”.

This method is slightly different from the traditional practice; the practitioner performs a suction of 10 minutes on the areas concerned without removing blood.

The Moving Cupping Therapy

In the same spirit as the dry hijama, the moving cupping therapy acts by the installation of suckers with a weak suction and which are then moved in an “S” movement or from top to bottom.

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Here are some benefits of cupping therapy:

Relieves Pain


Pain relief is one of the first reasons why people use cupping. It is effective in relieving cancer pain compared to analgesics and other anti-cancer medications.

The use of suction cups mainly targets the soft tissues (muscles, fascia) by positioning them in painful places. Sucking increases the flow of blood and gives muscles what they need to function properly; oxygen and nutrients. This technique helps to relax the tissues even more deeply, relaxes the muscles and relieves tension associated with back and neck pain (but not only these areas of the body), migraines and rheumatism. The therapist applies the suction cups to the area of ​​the body causing pain or more tension and this allows the energy to circulate better.

Relieves the Symptoms of Allergies and Asthma


To date, allergies are listed as the sixth most common chronic disease in America. There is evidence that cupping has been used to treat allergies and respiratory problems for more than 3,000 years! Cupping can also be a great option for children as it is non-invasive.

Eliminates Toxins

Even if you have a healthy diet (diet, not just your diet), toxins abound in our common air and water supplies. Suckers can detoxify your body directly to the skin and blood supply, ridding dead skin cells and immediately transporting unwanted toxins out of the body through the bloodstream.

Poor circulation facilitates the accumulation of toxins in the different tissues of the body. This accumulation can be at the origin of many health conditions. Cupping helps to improve stagnation, while blood rushes into the treated area to flush out the toxins. With these toxins, it helps to eliminate dead cells and other debris. All these elements are then expelled naturally. That’s why drinking a lot of water after a cupping session is a good idea to remove impurities and promote better health.

Reduction of Cellulite

If there is a problem that most women would like to see disappear on the body, it is probably cellulite! You know this layer of bumpy skin on the thighs, buttocks, and arms … By reducing fluid build-up and eliminating dead skin, cupping can help make the skin of its body areas smoother.


Cupping treatments are effective against wrinkles. As this treatment brings more nutrients to the skin, this helps to make it look younger and brighter. In addition, products that are used after treatment, such as lotions, essential oils, and others, are better absorbed, and therefore more effective.

The suction effect helps reduce fine lines and visible wrinkles. It can even diminish the appearance of scars that is the result of injury or acne. The entire connective tissue of the face is stimulated, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and, if you have pockets, it can help drain the fluid into the lymph nodes resulting in reduced edema.

Massage movements are known to help relax the tense muscles of the face, resulting in younger-looking skin. Whether your skin is dry or greasy, suction cups can offer these exceptional aesthetic benefits. And it’s all-natural – no knives or lasers needed.

Relief of Digestive Problems

Many people are struggling with digestive system problems. One of the main ways that cupping can help reduce digestive upset by decreasing stress and promoting relaxation (which makes it particularly effective for chronic stress conditions such as IBS or irritable bowel syndrome). The effects of stress and relaxation are strongly related to healthier digestion following the treatment.

Stress, tension, and anxiety are all communicated to organs throughout the body, including digestive processes. When that happens, things start to get clogged up, and as a result, you feel swollen and constipated. The suction cups release stagnation and relax you so that the systems work normally again.

This treatment has also proven effective against water retention, diarrhea, stomach cramps, gastritis, and loss of appetite and a host of gastrointestinal diseases.

Faster Recovery after a Cold

Suckers can help stimulate the lungs (as well as other vital organs) to help clear phlegm. Too much mucus in the lungs triggers a cough to help him get out of the body. The practice of cupping can help speed up the process to relieve symptoms of colds, coughs, and allergies. It also helps boost immune function by moving blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body.

Relief of Headaches and Migraines

Migraines can be difficult to treat, and what works for one person may not work for another. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), cupping has shown a significant reduction in pain and migraine symptoms over time.

In Conclusion

The feeling of relaxation after the session of cupping therapy is explained in particular by the secretion of endorphins. Many patients fall asleep during a session as they feel rested.

Leave in the closet your fears: test the cupping therapy and you will not be disappointed!

It does not seem necessary to have pains to opt for a therapy of this kind, the feeling of well-being and the evacuation of toxins from the body are sufficient to convince you.

In case you have symptoms, consider a hijama session, with the consent of your doctor.

To conclude, remember that the weak, elderly, young children, pregnant women, and patients who take anticoagulant drugs are not concerned by such a method.

Take the advice of your doctor and recharge into positive energy. Your body and your spirit will say thank you!

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