Diagnosis of Diabetes

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Diagnosis of Diabetes

Normal blood glucose is less than 1.10g / l on an empty stomach and less than 1.40g / l after a meal. Diabetes is defined as fasting blood glucose greater than 1.26 g / l twice. Glycosuria is the amount of glucose in the urine. It appears when the blood glucose is above 60g / l. between these two cases, there is an intermediate situation to indicate a strong predisposition to become diabetic.

How Does Self-Monitoring Work?

Monitoring diabetes requires the patient to be at the heart of the device. It is he who will self-monitor his blood glucose by practicing, several times a day, a blood sample on the finger and analyzing it in a few seconds with a blood glucose meter. Simple to manipulate, it retains the memory of blood glucose and allows adjusting insulin doses and their distribution during the day.

There are different types of blood glucose meters with different usage systems. Appointments at the doctor or hospital are an opportunity to make an update on the adaptation of treatment. Self-monitoring helps to prepare them better.

1. Living With Diabetes

An overview about the disease.

2. What are the different types of diabetes?

Characterized by a permanent excess of sugar in the blood, diabetes can be of different types: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes etc.

3. Why There Is Imbalance in Sugar during Diabetes?

During digestion, the food we eat is transformed into sugar, which is essential for the cells of the body to function. It is insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates the amount of sugar stored or “burned” in the cells.

4. Common Questions For Diabetic Patient

How Does Self-Monitoring Work? Can I Play Sports? Can I Have A Child?  What Kind of Food I can Take?

5.  Blood Sugar Level Chart

Here is the quick reference for your blood sugar level check.

6. How Insulin Is Used In Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone that is part of the range of drugs used to treat diabetes. The latter is characterized by insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas or deficient use of insulin by the body.

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