The Four Stages Of COPD

by Team SehatCloud
The Four Stages Of COPD

Four Stages of COPD : Complete Guide

If you have recently been diagnosed with COPD, it is important to find out about the various ways that the disease progresses if you are to fight effectively.

Below you will find information about the four stages of developing COPD. You can see here the how the stages for COPD are determined, here we have discussed the standards for describing the stages of COPD.

Stage 1 COPD – Mild

The first signs of COPD can sometimes go unnoticed or undiagnosed because of their similarities to symptoms of other less severe conditions. If you have had an allergy or a recent cold, you may have symptoms that they share with COPD. Similarly, if you are a long-term smoker or a person who would be considered elderly, you may have already encountered your COPD symptoms as a general decline in health.

There is no cure for any stage of the disease, but the sooner you catch, the sooner you can start treatment. This gives you the best chance to slow down and have a good quality of life as long as possible.

Stage 2 COPD – Moderate

This is the point where most people who have developed COPD will be aware of their symptoms and seek professional help. It is easier to diagnose COPD in this stage, but also it is more severe than the previous stage.

Stage 3 – Severe

At this stage, the symptoms of COPD will be too difficult to simply ignore and medical assistance will probably be needed. Doctors probably recommend avoiding all pollutants and offering oxygen supplementation as a long term treatment, due to the severity of the symptoms.

Stage 4 – Very Severe

Also known as terminal COPD, In Stage 4, the circumstances became so severe that the sufferers live effectively with 30% or less normal lung function.


COPD is the condition or disease when the patient’s experience obstruction of airways. This results to difficulty in breathing along with other symptoms which come with this disease. This is a chronic disease which does not have any cure but awareness is must for every one. Share this article among your family and friends and help Sehat Cloud in spreading awareness for COPD.

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