All you need to know about Cancer

by Team SehatCloud
All you need to know about Cancer

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Cancer is not one disorder with a single cause or cure. Cancer is the consequence when cells split and invade other surrounding tissues in the body. Cancer spreads throughout the body by way of blood flow or by the fluid that travels throughout the lymphatic system and transporting cells that help fight infections alongside other ailments. There are over 100 types of cancers, but they’re split into the following main categories:

1. Carcinoma:

Carcinoma is cancer that starts on the skin or in tissues which line or protect the inner organs.

2. Sarcoma:

Sarcoma is cancer that starts in bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, blood vessels, or other connective tissues.

3. Leukemia:

Leukemia is cancer that begins in blood-forming tissues such as the bone marrow and causes a large number of abnormal blood cells to be generated then enter the bloodstream.

4. Lymphoma and myeloma:

Lymphoma and myeloma are tumors that begin in the cells which constitute the immunity system.

The misconception about Tumor as Cancer

The body is composed of many various kinds of cells. Cells grow and divide in a regular and controlled way to create more cells as they’re required. When cells become old or are damaged, they die and then they’re replaced with new cells. When this regular process goes wrong your system starts producing mutations that affect regular cell growth. The outcome is that cells do not die when they should, and fresh cells form when the body doesn’t need them. These extra and mutated cells then can form a mass of tissues that’s called a tumor. All tumors aren’t cancerous. Most tumors are benign. Benign implies that the tumor isn’t cancerous. Tumors which are cancerous are called malignant tumors.

Sehat Cloud now comes with its new blog series on one of the largest occurring disease – Cancer. Help us spread awareness for this deadliest disease by spreading this among your family and friends. Related Blogs you can find in below sections!

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