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About Us

About Sehat Cloud

Sharing is Caring! So we are here!

With the digital transformation taking place in today’s world, every industry is looking for ways to improve efficiency and maximize productivity through the effective implementation of technology.
The health care industry is no exception!
The nature of the health care industry makes it a dynamic workplace, with communities who need timely medical information.
Sehat Cloud provides up to date trustworthy medical information, our mission “Sharing is Caring” help people to be familiar with different medical conditions that we face almost daily but sometimes have no clue on what it can be. We are a not only source for getting know how of what the disease is but we provide information of how it can be prevented and some home remedies that can be applied before medical help reaches.
Our Team comprises of members having expertise but not limit in the field of healthcare , from content creation, to design and develop processes that provides health care professionals and our users top-notch quality systems which automates their day-to-day manual tasks.
We have spent good 10+ years in the field of healthcare processes and now we are here to spread the knowledge we have gain, to motivate people find the health and medical information, support, and services they need. We are committed for providing quality health information and we do it by regressive editorial checks on the content we post.
Disclaimer: Sehat Cloud does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Our Information is for a quick reference to explore about, and motivate the user to consult physician about the disease. Always make sure to seek the advice of your physician regarding a medical condition you may have. Do not ignore professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of information contained in any website including Sehat Cloud.

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